My 3 top tips to enjoying the outdoors.

Hello and welcome!

This blog is for those of you who love getting out and about with your children and are looking for a bit of inspiration to break away from the usual trips to the park or the same old dog walks. Each week I will give you a new idea, it may be something to do, something to make or something to find. But before you step outdoors, bear these top tips in mind to get the most of your trips.

  1. Give them time.

    I know it is not always possible but if you are not in a rush give them time. Time to marvel at the object they have found, it may be a manky leaf but if it is interesting to them, let them look! Time to collect ‘treasures’, we have a natural treasures jar in our house for such treasures to be displayed and re-looked at. Time to explore and play, the natural playground is far better than any soft play in my opinion! If you give them time to do these things their interests and love for the outdoors will grow. You never know what you yourself will discover and learn too!

  2. Don’t be afraid of a bit of dirt.

    To me, if you come home a little bit muddy then it is proof that you have been out exploring and having fun. If you stop your child from doing something because they may get a bit dirty then you are stopping them from exploring. Memories are made for life, mud can be washed away. We recently spent almost an hour playing in a very muddy puddle. We seemed to bring most of it home with us and I won’t lie, the clean up was a bit of a mission especially as my already cold toddler wanted to be hosed down with the dog instead of getting into a warm bath but the tantrum was worth it. I will certainly remember it fondly for a long time and I hope she will too, she has already asked if we can do it again! So get some old clothes on, dress them head to toe in waterproofs and embrace the mud!


  3. Get involved.

    Not only will your children love it if you get involved but you will too, it is the perfect excuse to act like a child again. Ignore the looks of others, they are only jealous! Part of our puddle play time involved painting mud on each others faces, my daughter thought it was hilarious, as did most of the people we passed walking home, and we both had a big giggle about it. Children lead by example so if you get involved their confidence and skills will grow.


So, remember these, get out, have fun and start making memories!

The next post will be the first idea to hopefully inspire you to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Given the time of year it will be a Christmassy one!


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