‘Going on a bear hunt’, hide and seek with a twist.

With the children’s classic ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ being shown on the TV over Christmas in the U.K and my daughter receiving some lovely gifts related to this story, we thought we would go on our own bear hunt.

Here are two ways you could go on a hunt:

Teddy hunting

Really simple and easy to take anywhere. This is probably more appealing to the younger bear hunters out there but of course anyone can play. We chose a bear to be like the story but I’m sure a bunny, dinosaur, Buzz Lightyear or whatever else your child chooses will work just as well! Simply take it to an outdoor space with lots of hiding places and take it in turns to hide and seek it. Simple! This is great for children who are not so comfortable hiding on their own outside as they can hide the bear and then come back to you.

Become expert hiders

Play hide and seek as you would anywhere but make yourselves the expert hiders by camouflaging yourself.

We were in the woodland so we stuck twigs in pockets, put leaves on our heads and mud on our faces (we love a bit of mud painting). It was a challenge with a pink coat to hide but thankfully my daughter was more interested in the fun of covering herself in bits than being able to actually hide!

We only dabbled in camouflage, you could take this much further. Older children especially will get really creative if you give them chance. There are loads of leaves on the ground still, they could bury themselves and leap out on passers by (probably best to only do this with people you know!). Give them time and remember to embrace the mud and I’m sure they will be able to attach enough leaves and twigs and mud to merge in and become the environment around them.

I would suggest going to an area you know so you can set some space boundaries to keep them safe or if there are enough in your group you could hide in pairs.

8,9,10…. Ready or not here we come!






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