Fairy wishes for the new year

Happy new year to you all!

Have you or your children got resolutions this year? We have come up with wishes instead and we have given these to the fairies so they can help them come true.

If you are not into fairies then you could plant your wishes under a tree, seed or bulb so they can grow with the plant.  Simply write them onto a small piece of paper to be buried in your chosen place. Make sure it is somewhere you can revisit so you can watch it grow, this might help you to remember to do your wish/ resolution if you have chosen to do something in 2017! This one doesn’t even need to be outside, you could plant it under and indoor pot plant.

Back to fairies. If you are seeking the help of fairies with your wishes then your first job is to find them, but before you do, write your wishes onto small bits of paper to take with you. Now you may already know where a fairy home is but don’t worry if you don’t because you can invite fairies to live where you want them too simply by adding a ‘door handle’ to a ‘door’. Trees are brilliant places to find fairy homes, they have lots of knots and holes that already look like doors if you use your imagination. So go hunting amongst the trees and find the best spot for a fairy to live. Once you have found your ‘door’ you will want to add a handle, we painted one on with mud (no surprise there with my mud obsessed daughter). You could also stick an acorn or twig or anything interesting that you can find that will stick to the tree, you may need a bit of mud to glue it in place. As soon as your handle is fixed in place, a magic message is sent to the fairy world and you will find one will be moving in soon. To make it really appealing to the fairy you could add a few features. We added a garden path and some ‘plants’. You could use sticks and bark to make fairy tables and chairs; acorns on your table to be fairy teacups; you could even find a mini beast pet for your fairy. Let your imaginations run wild and see what fabulous fairy homes you can create.

Once your fairy home is ready, you need to leave your wishes for them. You can simply leave them by their door or you could find a ‘letterbox’ to leave them in. The letterbox might be a beechnut shell, a conker shell, or hollow hazelnut to give a few examples, again, use your imaginations and use what you can find. Once your fairy finds your wishes they can sprinkle them with fairy dust to help them come true. To really bring the magic alive, try to revisit your fairy home with your child but get there before them to take the wishes away and sprinkle a bit of fairy dust (glitter) where the wishes were left.

Have fun fairy hunting and may all your wishes for 2017 come true.




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