Story sticks

It is National story telling week so I thought I would give you inspiration for story writing.

Story sticks are very simple to make and are a great way to record your adventures. It’s great for reminding you of what you have seen on your adventure to re-tell to others. For older children it can be inspiration for story writing with objects they can see, feel and smell to record and describe in their story.

To make your story stick you will need some string, a stick and objects you find on the way. Simply tie objects to your stick that remind you of what you have seen and done. 

Here’s our story stick:

Our adventure started with an ’emergency’ packet of biscuits, when your day starts at 4.30 thanks to a daughter who thinks sleep is for losers a sugar boost was needed to keep me going! The kids thought it was great too so it was the first addition to our story stick! 

Our adventure properly started in a grassy area so we picked some to tie to our story stick, this lead us into a woodland area shown by the leaves and catkins. The catkins are new arrivals in this area which prompted discussion with my daughter about what they are which is why they made it onto the stick.

Muddy puddles where splashed in (there are lumps of mud on the stick if you look closely); pooh sticks was played; we attempted to climb some trees covered in moss (although we weren’t very successful and we mostly looked like we were hugging trees a lot!); and a pond was discovered. All of which is recorded on our stick. 

Our trip was an out and return so we spent the return journey making up stories about objects we saw. We had a story about the adventures of the pooh stick we had just thrown; how a piece of grass escaped the lawn mower; and the friendship of a wall and a lamp post! 

Enjoy your adventures both real and fictional. 


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