Exploring the rain with your senses.

This week is set to be a bit of a washout but don’t let that put you off getting out and having some fun. Here are some ways to use your senses to explore that NEED the rain.


Make some rain art. You will need some paint and either a paper plate or cardboard, we used the back of a cereal box. Dot some paint over the cardboard then take it out into the rain and watch the patterns that are made, tilt the cardboard to help make patterns. Try leaving some flat in the rain and see what is created. 


Simple but fun- how much rain can you catch on your tongue! If you run faster, can you catch more?

If you are far too sensible for this then why not create a drink station for the birds or wildlife. Use an empty shallow plastic food pot, place a few stones in to weigh it down and put it out to fill with rain water. Put it where you think the birds or wildlife will be able to reach it without feeling too vulnerable.


If you didn’t look silly enough running around with your tongue out catching rain then you will with this one! Listen to the rain under different objects, what does it sound like, is it the same or different as another object. We used a saucepan, plastic mixing bowl, cardboard and a plastic bag (obviously don’t put their head into the plastic bag just lay it flat over their head). My daughter thought it was hilarious putting all the things on her head! 


One of my favourite smells is the smell of fresh rain on dry ground, at this time of year the times this happen are few and far between so we will just have to use the rain as a magic potion instead. 

Take a cup or pot and fill it with smelly objects. You may be aiming for a delightful perfume and choose small bits of spring flowers and other delicate fragrances or you may be aiming for a concoction to keep your enemies away and choose mud and rotting leaves and other disgusting findings. 

Add some rain to work its magic and release the smellsLeave the pot in the rain or run around and catch as much rain as you can, find a stick to give it a good stir and take a good sniff!


Yes feet, we experience lots with our hands so why not be brave and get your toes out to play in the rain. I would suggest doing this activity last and close to home so you can get the little toes warm and dry again quickly. 

Puddle jump bare foot, stamp in the rain soaked grass, squish your toes in the soggy mud, we do it all the time in wellies, it’s a very different experience with bare feet. 
Embrace the rain, get out, explore and play! 


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