Recycle and fly it! 

The windy week we are having has inspired me to make kites! Here is my ‘how to’ guide using recycled bags and twigs.

You will need:

2 plastic carrier bags

6 thin twigs, as straight as possible

1 strong short twig





  • Cut one of the bags open and into a square.
  • Place the twigs around the edge and make a cross in the middle. Tie them together using the string. It needs to be as equilateral as possible for the best chance of flying success (as my husband reliably informed me after our not so successful attempts at flying our kite!)
  • Fold the carrier bag over the outer twigs and tape into place.
  • Take 4 pieces of string, equal in length, and tie one to each corner of the kite, take the other ends and tie together to form a pyramid shape. Make sure everything is equal.
  • Get  a really long piece of string and tie one end to the kite at the point where your corner pieces meet in the centre and the other end to the short strong twig. This is your handle. The longer the string the better, we would have benefitted from having ours longer.
  • Wind the string around the handle
  • Take your second carrier bag and cut it in a spiral to make one continuos length to be your tail. Attach this to a corner of your kite.
  • Take your kite out, run fast, and watch your kite fly- hopefully!

We had such a giggle trying to fly our kite. We spent about half an hour running round like loons, tieing ourselves, the kite and the dog up in the string to only just get it above the ground sort of flying! It was gusty which didn’t help. It may not have been successful but we had brilliant fun trying and we are determined to tweak it to get it flying properly!


Happy flying!


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