Sowing the seeds of love for the outdoors

What better way to instil a love for the outdoors than caring for and watching plants grow. It is the time of year for sowing seeds so why not give your child a patch they can call their own and take ownership of? They can choose what to plant, water it, care for it, and if it’s edible enjoy the fruits of their labour later in the year. You don’t need a veggie patch, use a pot, hanging basket, old toilet, welly boots what ever you can find. It doesn’t even need to be outside, a sunny window ledge can be the perfect spot for herbs or salad leaves or flowers. 

You can’t go too wrong with planting, just check the instructions on the packet and if you are still unsure you can find some very helpful people in garden centres or on Google. 

If your seeds are outside, you may want to keep the birds away so they don’t eat them, we made a very simple bird scarer from plastic bottles and bags to do just this.

Simply cut rings from your bottle and stick or tie strips of plastic bags all the way round. Add some string to hold it up and tie it onto string over your veg plot, in a tree near your seeds or on a pole. Make sure it hangs freely so it can spin round, this movement is what startles the birds. 

Happy planting! 


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