30 days wild

I should really start with an apology, it has been a while since my last blog, for that I am sorry! There are a number of excuses, mostly sleep deprivation (my youngest has decided that 4.30am is a perfectly reasonable time to start the day) but the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge has inspired me to get going again. We have still been out and about doing plenty of fun stuff, I’ve just not published it, but I will endeavour to make more effort to share it here to hopefully inspire you to do so too. 

If you have not heard of the 30 Days Wild challenge you should check it out. You can do anything from the simple to the crazy, as long as you are outdoors you are doing something wild. The wildlife trusts are providing loads of ideas so there are no excuses!

We started ours with a wildlife spotting walk along a river. We saw loads! We discovered a frog hopper in cuckoo spit, chased damselflies, watched a heron hunting, stalked a butterfly and buzzed with the busy bumble bees. On a sunny day like today and a snack stop along the way it was bliss. 

I won’t be blogging daily but I will be posting on Instagram and my Facebook page daily so come a find me and see what wild things we get up too. Tomorrows plan is to make elderflower cordial. I will write an update later in the month.

Have fun being wild! 


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