30 Days Wild, the end of the challenge but not of our wild adventures!

So how was the 30 Day Wild challenge for you? Did you manage to do every day?

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook you will see that we made it! Woohoo! I did feel that I was cheating a lot of the time because lots of the things I posted were things we do on a regular basis. We have a dog and I have a background in environmental education which results in daily trips into the wild whether the girls like it or not and I am always seeking things of interest for them to look at or trying new activities! I rarely have to battle them out though, in fact my 1 year old often gets stroppy if we have not gone outside by mid morning!

At the start of the challenge I was a little unsure I would be able to think of something new each day but it has really not been a problem, the more you do the more ideas you have. Even when we wondered out with no specific plan, it was not long before something wild found us!

This challenge has encouraged me to actually do some of the things I have been wanting to do and just not got round to yet like building a bee hotel and river dipping. I was a little disappointed in the girls lack of interest in the river dipping, my 1 year old was more interested in splashing and sitting in the river and my 3 year old, climbing the bank of the river- both just as wild but I was hoping they would share my excitement in finding a cased caddies fly larvae a bit more, it is the best water mini beast after all! The water was quite murky and the beasts small so I’m sure it is just that they couldn’t really see them!!

It has also encouraged me to be more creative on our trips to our park which we do more often than I would like due to convenience on pre school days. It was lovely to watch the girls running round being swallows catching insects, to see them genuinely interested in the flowers/ plants that were growing and to play so happily for so long in their grass nest they built.

We have made up spontaneous wild games which have become new favourites.

  • Wild Simon says – “simon says flap like a bird/wriggle like a bird” etc
  • Wild ‘find it’ challenges- find a leaf/ something yellow/ a home for a beetle etc
  • “Bird”-my personal favourite because I could lie in the hammock at the same time! Simply shout “bird” when one flew over, the first to shout won. This then lead to talking about what it is,where it might be going, what it might be doing etc

What I have enjoyed most about the challenge is the questions my daughter has been coming up with. She is at the inquisitive ‘why’ stage but these questions have been a bit more on the wild side this month and I love that, Her interest in the outdoors and wildlife has definitely grown over this last month so thank you Wildlife Trusts, we have had a blast and this is most certainly not the end of our wild adventures!

My end of 30 Days Wild pledge is to blog more with ideas and adventures we get up to so keep checking in, follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find ideas to help keep you and your little ones a little bit wild! We have been to the beach this weekend and have come back with pockets full of pebbles, but what will we do with them?


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