Get creative with pebbles

If you are anything like us, you will come away from a pebbly beach with pockets full of ‘treasures’ that get added to the ever growing pebble piles that pop up around the house. Well here are some ideas to make good use of these collections for both fun and educational purposes.

We used nail varnish which seems to be quite hard wearing and can withstand water, knocks and bumps without any sign of damage. I am sure that you could use felt pens or paint if you are not a nail varnish kind of person, you may need to add a layer of varnish to keep your art work on the pebble though. What you draw on to the pebbles is entirely up to you, perhaps the pebble already looks like something and just needs an extra eye to complete the look! Below are a few ideas that I could think of to help you get started.

  • Rock monsters/ buddies: add some eyes, nose and mouth and bring your pebble to life. My daughter likes to make her rock buddy help her with the number game.
  • Pebble animals: either make them into the animal like our ladybird or draw the animal on.
  • Number rocks: paint the numbers on one and the matching dots on the back and onto another rock. You can do matching activities, ordering activities and if you add a +,-,= etc then you can do sums with them. 
  • Alpha-rocks: same as above but with letters of the alphabet (and corresponding pictures if you can do it!). Play a game where you place an alpha-rock on something that starts with that letter, practice spelling with them. Extend it to include phonics sounds.
  • Story rocks: either draw pictures or write words or both for children to use to make up stories. Include characters, places, activities etc. Children pick 1 rock at a time and build a story using the word/picture on the pebbles as they pick them.
  • Book rocks: got a favourite book? Put the main characters and objects onto pebbles so the story can be retold and acted out. 
  • Inspiration sets: have a collection of things kept together to be played with.  A set of people, a set of vehicles, a set of animals etc…

The possibilities are endless so start filling those pockets with pebbles next time you are at the beach! 


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